best practice and secure
digital asset storage and sharing

Helium’s ASSET MANAGER is a secure environment to easily store all electronic assets and media material, and make them instantly available worldwide via an encrypted Web User portal. ASSET MANAGER is a crucial part of the Helium platform, linking with the other modules to supply the correct imagery and assets for artwork. ASSET MANAGER can also be used as a standalone Digital Asset Manager.

Whether storing marketing material for distribution to press or partners, storing high resolution images for use in production, or to supply images to support a website via a secure API, ASSET MANAGER has you covered.

managing your marketing assets
has never been easier

Suits Any Client

Whether you’re a small operation or a nationwide retailer with hundreds of users, ASSET MANAGER is the right scale for everyone.

Instant Access

Being cloud-based, ASSET MANAGER provides fast access to your assets from any location, and fast loading of multiple assets into drop folders.

Complete Security

Helium has enterprise-level security, with encrypted logins, full onsite and offsite backups, and cloud hosting on UPS-protected servers.

Intuitive And Flexible

Navigation through a familiar folder/sub-folder structure is simple and intuitive, folder categories are unlimited, and custom data fields can be created for most asset types.

Easy Asset Viewing

Within ASSET MANAGER the majority of image files can be presented as an on-screen preview.

Versatile For File Types

Media that can be stored includes Audio, Video, ZIP, MS Office docs, InDesign docs, PDFs, JPGs, and PSDs, as well as other file formats.

Easy Mass Updates

Assets can be simply updated by importing spreadsheets. Data can also be exported to spreadsheets for offline management, and imported for system updates.

Supports Automation

Custom-built extensions by our software specialists enable automated placing of ASSET MANAGER images into InDesign artwork, alongside custom field information.

Facilitates Collaboration

Groups of assets can be shared to other groups of users, allowing for true collaboration over multiple users.

Full Training And Support

Your admin users are fully trained to manage all aspects of the system, and your admin can add further users without contacting Helium (within pre-set rules).

Customisable to Brands

You can use the Helium theme, or customise the look to your own brand logos, colours and imagery, to ensure a branded experience for all stakeholders.

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