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Helium’s CAMPAIGN MANAGER is a module that gathers promotional-specific information about products across multiple categories, groups it all into a campaign, and drives the resulting artwork outputs.

CAMPAIGN MANAGER works closely with PRODUCT MANAGER, extracting all relevant product data and feeding it through into specific campaigns. Where PRODUCT MANAGER holds the master SKU data that is consistent across all campaigns, CAMPAIGN MANAGER provides the ability for multiple campaigns to be planned well in advance, with each campaign able to contain tailored data specific to a promotion.

managing your campaigns
has never been easier

Tailored To Promos

Each campaign is controlled by a start and end date. Within a campaign, each product can contain data for fields sensitive to that particular campaign (price, offer text etc).

Drives Many Outputs

A campaign can contain different jobs within one campaign structure, allowing for the products to be published to different campaign outputs.

Links To POS Systems

Custom data input feeds can be established to populate the system with data from POS systems.

Automates With Indesign

CAMPAIGN MANAGER feeds data to InDesign to create artwork from pre-defined templates, including for mailers, catalogues, press ads, web banners and tickets.

Live Web Publishing

Using the comprehensive API tool, the entire campaign can be directed into a CRM tool, which can drive e-commerce websites and other web requirements.

Integrates Support Docs

Each campaign can incorporate supporting material such as mudmaps for page mailer planning or images of competitive campaigns.

Easy Mass Updates

Campaigns can be simply updated by importing spreadsheets. Data can also be exported to spreadsheets for offline management, and re-imported for system updates.

Faster Process

CAMPAIGN MANAGER helps clients clarify the rules at each art stage and cut back on the number of stages, speeding up the process and enabling later briefing.

Constantly Evolving

CAMPAIGN MANAGER continues to grow, innovate and become more powerful as the retail industry evolves.

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