Helium is a world-class suite of three integrated components,
custom-designed to retailer needs, that powerfully combine to make retail marketing faster, more automated, more accurate, more compliant, and more cost-effective than before.

a fully integrated and automated
marketing platform for retailers

Helium Alt
Helium Alt

Product information in synch with your marketing.

Helium Alt
Helium Alt

Product information in synch with your marketing.

Helium Alt
Helium Alt

Product information in synch with your marketing.

helium solves retailer problems

Until now, even in this digital age, it has still been too hard for retail marketers.
If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, Helium has the answers.

“Why is this process out of my control?”

“Why isn’t there one place for all information?”

“How can I access my data easily?”

“Why is it so hard to get info out of suppliers?”

“How can I build a dashboard for missing info?”

“Why do I have to brief campaigns so early?”

“Why are designers expensive and error-prone?”

“Why are my tools so antiquated?”

helium is different

Specialised solution for retailers

Helium has been developed working hand-in-hand with major retailers. Other systems think about advertising first and internal operations second. With our detailed knowledge from the inside-out of retail, we’ve developed Helium as a platform to make retail marketing easier.

Controls and empowers

Helium delivers you the process and the toolkits to control, manage and automate your retail marketing. It empowers teams and enables compliance throughout the organisation.

End-to-end integration

Helium easily and deeply integrates into retailer systems. Our PRODUCT MANAGER fills a long-missing gap in Retail Marketing toolkits, enabling retailer-wide systems integration. PRODUCT MANAGER integrates with POS systems, prompts vendors and buyers for information, and provides all vital data to enable automation.

Automation that works

With the use of three smart integrated modules, Helium delivers easier marketing through end-to-end automation. Most ‘automation’ focuses on limited outputs. By integrating with the POS system, Helium begins at the start of the process, and automates through to the finished campaign.

already making marketing easier
for leading retailers

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