get your product information
in sync with your marketing

Retailer POS systems just weren’t built to be marketing enablers.
Helium’s PRODUCT MANAGER is the powerful, affordable, SKU-based product information management system that retailers have been needing.

It has been custom-built by retail experts to match the retailer product journey, and prepares every product for marketing success. It communicates with existing incumbent technology and it’s easy to put in place and run.

Within the Helium suite, it’s the crucial link that enables retailers to achieve true marketing automation, and generate real efficiency gains.

retail product information
management has never been easier

Total integration

PRODUCT MANAGER works with any existing POS system, automatically pulling information from the POS system and pushing the info through into marketing production.

One source of the truth

Product data is collected, managed and outputted by one central system, with easy 24/7 access to all product information.

Standardised and relevant

PRODUCT MANAGER eliminates variance in information formats between departments, but allows for tailoring of fields by category, to ensure relevance across all products.

Fast, easy art preview

Before a designer has touched a campaign, you can see an InDesign-rendered preview at the touch of a button, and check all detail for complete accuracy.

Talks to vendors

Vendors can have access to relevant sections for product data maintenance, with automated reminders and an intuitive experience to make it easy.

Distributes to artwork

PRODUCT MANAGER works alongside CAMPAIGN MANAGER, to feed into InDesign artwork across all channels and update artwork when changes happen.

Deals with complexity

PRODUCT MANAGER has powerful functionality to link relevant products together, ensuring that automation works for complex ranges and associated products.

Keep pricing compliant

PRODUCT MANAGER keeps track of your pricing against your preset Commerce Commission compliance rules, and raises alerts when you’re potentially breaking the rules.

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